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"With food as our passion, innovation as our pillar and quality as our canon, we strive for customer satisfaction as our final aim."

Getting to Know Us

Having started life as a pioneer in the Indonesian retail scene, KOBE has remained an innovator and first mover at heart. Retaining a clear focus on the Indonesian retail market, we aim to maximise consumer value through high quality food products.

Within KOBE, innovation and agility are valued and encouraged. Dedicated teams who adhere to the company’s values enable KOBE to thrive and deliver satisfaction to consumers.

KOBE’s History

Founded in 1979 by Hestia Utomo & Sarwo Utomo, KOBE began its journey as a home industry in Semarang. Our first product was Tepung Bumbu or coating mix, a first of its kind on the market at the time. A pioneer from the start, various category breaking innovations have continued to mark important milestones of our growth.  With a focus on delivering quality products to the Indonesian retail consumer, we managed a fast and steady progress.

In 1995, we moved our factory to an industrial area in Tangerang, in order to further grow our business. The year also marked the launch of the export only brand, Bali Kitchen, which is a comprehensive line of products featuring authentic Indonesian cuisine. Product line up includes spice mixes, sauces, noodles, pickles, condiments, and other Indonesian specialties.

In 2006, we launched our Food Service division which allows KOBE to customize products for other players within the food industry. We enjoy the ability to offer tailor-made solution, both for industrial supply as well as to service outsourcing manufacturing needs. Our current industrial customers include a major multinational player within the food and retail industries.

Various innovations in instant spice mixes and batter mixes have increased the presence of our brands in Indonesian households. With a strong concept and the highest product quality, KOBE products have become market leaders across categories. Our more recent success includes BonCabe, BonChili Spicy Chili Sprinkle and Selera Oyster Sauce.