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"With food as our passion, innovation as our pillar and quality as our canon, we strive for customer satisfaction as our final aim."

Core Business

PT KOBE Boga Utama started life as a manufacturer of Coating Mix for consumers. With rapid growth, KOBE currently has four core businesses including food and beverage manufacturing for Retail, Export and Food Service, as well as Contract Manufacturing.


With leading retail brands such as KOBE, BonCabe and Selera Oyster Sauce, our products enjoy a strong presence in the Indonesian retail scene. Our product offering includes dry-blended mixes such as coating systems and batter mixes, as well as sauces, seasoning pastes and chili sprinkle. Our nation-wide distribution network spans across both modern and traditional retail sales channels.

Food Service

KOBE’s Food Service division was launched in 2006 to serve our industrial customers within the food and beverage industry. As a partner to major players in the HORECA industry, we offer custom-made solutions for industrial supply. Our product range includes noodles, coating systems, dessert, drink mixes and sauces for various applications such as marinades, pasta and pizza sauces. Our current food service customers include multinational players within the food and retail industries.


Our Export division started in 1995 when we launched our Bali Kitchen product range.
In addition to the export of our Indonesian retail brands, our export brands, Bali Kitchen, have been distributed around the globe including:
1. Asia-Pacific: Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Philippines, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, India and Maldives
2. Europe: Germany, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Malta, Norway, Sweden and Poland
3. United States, Canada and Barbados

Contract Manufacturing

We provide customized contract manufacturing solutions for other player within the food industry. Our current industrial customers include major multinational players within the food and retail industries. KOBE’s contract manufacturing facilities provide for the highest quality and food safety standard.
Our machineries include: packing line, extrusion line, dry mixing line, seasoning & sauce line.
Our facilities feature new building infrastructure with the highest food safety and hygiene standards. This includes: decontamination room, process area with clean room panels, epoxy floorings, curved corners and tempered windows.
Our capability includes: packing to retail pouches, dry granular products, dry powder products, extruded products, cereals, puffed snacks, dry mixed products, powdered drinks, powdered milk drinks and cereal drinks.